Essie’s Gell Manicure

There are certain can’t-fail staples we always reach for when we’re shopping for beauty and gel manicures are a godsend if you bite your nails or struggle applying your nail polish. Though many other brands have already introduced a gel line, Essie Gel is a brand, introducing a new line of nail polish.

Essie Gel’s unique focus is on the health of the nail, even after removal. For the ultimate protection, the gels come with unique keratin-care technology in each step of application, as well as pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E so tips stay hydrated and fortified. Essie Gel features a new bottle, a new paddle brush, and a two-step formula that encompasses base and colour and a crazy-shiny top coat.

Essie’s Gell Base Coat. This clear polish forms the first layer of gel on top of your bare nails. Each nail is then “cured” under the special Essie gel UV lamp for 30 seconds to set the gel base coat.

Essie’s Gel Color. Essie gel polish comes in a variety of colors, but they aren’t named the same as Essie’s regular polishes. However, the colors do match up, so you’ll likely find your favorite shade among them as Essie deliberately put most of its bestsellers into the lineup.

Essie’s Top Coat. This clear top coat seals the gel polish and cures for a full minute under the UV lamp. According to the brand, the gel manicure will last up to 14 days without chipping, but as always, that depends on your nails and how hard you use your hands.

So if you’re sick of your manicure chipping and flaking, give Essie’s gel a go. Even if you do not have the time to take care of anything else, at least your nails will look on-point.

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