Keratin: What it is and how can we replenish it!

Keratin is a type of protein constituting the main protective substance for hair, skin and nails.  Being a body protein it naturally exists in these areas, as well as in our hair, but its strength naturally decreases as the years pass, leaving our hair dehydrated and this is why hair brakes easily.  Keratin can be gradually reduced by other factors also, such as sun exposure, heat, chemical styling products etc and unfortunately, our body can’t replace it physically.

The result?  Dry, weak, dull hair full of split ends!

Fortunately technology gave us hope, introducing the new Hair Straightening Treatment with “Natural Keratin”!!

This Natural Keratin imitates the physical hair keratin; it penetrates deeply, replenishes amino acids that have been lost due to the damaged hair, and reconstructs the internal hair architecture completely.  Natural Keratin Therapy may even address any natural deficiency of Keratin protein that would normally exist in the hair.  This therapy can be applied even by bare hands, i.e. without gloves, since the products used are 100% plant-friendly and absolutely safe for our skin.  The hair is visibly enhanced, regaining its lost luster and strength, while it remains silky and smooth for a long time, about 12-16 weeks or more depending on the repetition frequency, turning Hair Styling into a funny game.

The New Revolutionary Hair Straightening Therapy with “Natural Keratin” is here at Stella Taveli Hair & Beauty Studio to make wonders for your hair! (25 871071)

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