Make Up Tips For Natural Beauty

By keeping colours and the look as natural as you can, you are more likely to be noticed for your own beauty, rather than your makeup. The less foundation and makeup we have on our faces, the more our skin can breathe. Skin is a live breathing organ. The more alive it looks, the more radiant you look.

Here are the tips that work especially well for elegant appearances:

1. Wear a thin coat of foundation over very well moisturized skin.

2. Avoid powder because it dulls the skin, it creates dryness and texture.

3. To add definition to your eyes, put a very subtle line to your upper lash line only, and a little mascara.

4. If you must fill in areas of your eyebrows, use a pencil that matches your eyebrow hair exactly.

5. Do not use any eye-shadow darker than your natural skin tone to contour your eyelids.

6. Finish it with a lipstick close to your natural skin tone or a bit darker.

Whether you have an hour to get ready for an event or just five minutes, always remember that the look that seems to suit every woman is the timeless no-makeup look, achieved with clever use of makeup!!!

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