Manicure-Pedicure (Health or Cosmetics Issue?)

||Manicure-Pedicure (Health or Cosmetics Issue?)

Manicure-Pedicure (Health or Cosmetics Issue?)

Do you think of manicures and pedicures as just an occasional way of cosmetically pampering your nails? Well … you better think twice as a professional salon manicure and pedicure can do more than that to benefit our overall health:

  • Increase blood circulation. Everyone knows that the most enjoyable part of a professional manicure/pedicure is the massage on hands and feet. Massaging relieves tension and helps circulation, while improving the mobility of joints.
  • Nail Health Improvement. Especially our hands are daily exposed to many microorganisms and several products which make it a good idea to have a deep cleaning. Having regular manicures – and pedicures – can remove the dead skin, which encourages new cell growth to develop stronger and healthier nails.
  • Decrease Stress. It is well known that massages are a great way to rejuvenate nerves and Professional Manicures/Pedicures are a great way to relax, while improving the look of your feet and hands, plus having great looking nails can always make you a bit happier and increase stress levels.
  • Decrease & Detect Nail Problems. They say that prevention is better than cure, and professional manicures/pedicures can help the therapist detect early signs of corns, bunions and fungal infections, medical conditions which are easier to be treated in their earlier stages, in addition to preventing nails from growing inward and causing any infection.

Hand and feet usually get little care compared to other parts of your body, such as face and body, especially during winter time. But healthy limbs are vital to our overall health so you better don’t neglect them! Grab any chance to visit a professional and make sure do it at least once a month to help your hand and feet stay in good condition at any season.

And remember … Contrary to popular belief, nail care treatments such as manicures and pedicures are NOT just for women! They are for anyone who would like to take care of their overall health.

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