Xmas Holiday Beauty Tips

||Xmas Holiday Beauty Tips

Xmas Holiday Beauty Tips

We are heading towards Christmas Holidays and whether you are going to spend it with family or friends by attending parties there is no doubt that you will want to look your best!

Here are some tips from the specialists to guarantee that you will be looking gorgeous:

  • Massage it: Give a little eye massage to yourself and get rid of puffy and tired eyes before the big night! #Tip – Pay attention while applying your blusher as if you put it too high all the massage work will go wasted!
  • Eye Shadow First: The key to a great make up is to put on your eye shadow first… then apply your foundation and continue with the rest as usual. This way any loose eye shadow will be stable while being at the Xmas Party!
  • Simple, Elegant & Quick: During such a glorious yet panicking season you must follow one of the best beauty tips… Master the art of Simple hair styles.
  • Glitter it Up: Line your lips and add foundation to the corners of your mouth… then apply a matt lipstick before adding on your glitter. Everything will be in place!

And last but never least: ENJOY YOURSELF … having a great time is the perfect beauty treatment…

May you all have fabulous Xmas Holiday!

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